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  • Having a Profound Impact: Bob Hoyt is APTP’s Newest Board Member

    Bob Hoyt’s kindheartedness didn’t hit me right away. I was too busy letting myself be intimidated by his political opinions and his business savvy. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve been aware of his generosity since he and his wife invited me to live in their home for the duration of my APTP internship this summer. But it wasn’t until I heard him speaking in baby voice to his dog—as we shared a tub of mini peanut-butter cups—that I understood why he and Albany Park Theater Project were a perfect match.

  • APTP Summer Camp: An Inside Look

    “I come from a river that starts downtown and ends up in Albany Park, a neighborhood that exposes me to the world.” In a circle, young teens tell each other where and what they come from, confiding in one another origins founded in laughter, pain, fear, and joy. Every statement is unique. Some are poetic, others more straightforward, but all are impressive and sincere. Seeing teenagers who were strangers to each other just a day ago find this level of trust is breathtaking. But this “I Come From” circle is just one example of the beauty of Albany Park Theater Project, a place of taking risks and not being afraid.