11822502_10153560978449828_8991513271478888633_n“FEAST was one of the most moving, impressive, hilarious shows that I’ve seen in a really long time. I wish I could bring everyone I know, because everyone would find something in this show that would be incredibly memorable.

There was one moment in this show where there were two girls onstage, and they were talking about what it means to live with a LINK Card, food stamps, and how hard that can be – or how exhilarating that can be when the card comes and you get to replenish that pantry. I have to say I sat there with tears running down my face.

You don’t know what to expect when you come to a performance like this that’s [created and performed by] high school kids. I see a lot of theater in Chicago, I love theater, and FEAST would rank up there with most of the professional performances that I’ve seen. Super impressive, really well executed, lots of emotion on that stage.

All the way through the performance I was thinking about all the people that I would like to bring to see this. I want to get all of my friends and their kids to come and see it. This is a piece that can touch the heart of an old guy like me, but all the teens that were in the audience were resonating with everything, so this is the perfect kind of thing to do with every age group.

It’s so remarkably delicious. And that’s what a feast should be.