We’re happy to share some of our favorite restaurants near the Laura Wiley Theater:

Rojo Gusano

Just a few blocks from our theater, Rojo Gusano specializes in tacos, tequila, mezcal, bourbon and delicious Mexican food that fuses world flavors with traditional fresh food giving you an unexpected and delicious experience.

Noon O Kabab

A longtime APTP favorite, Noon O Kabab is, in our humble opinion, not only the best Persian food in Chicago but one of our city’s best dining experiences. Noon O Kabab was also the inspiration behind APTP’s 2004 play, Saffron.


The truth is that one of Chicago’s best Indian restaurants is not on Devon. An absolute favorite with the APTP family.

Taqueria San Juanito

The favorite taqueria of many APTPians, this is a cheap eats option for a quick bite on your way to the theater or a late-night snack after the show.

Tre Kronor

A great option for brunch before a matinee or dinner before an evening Chicago, Tre Kronor is one of the northwest side’s most beloved restaurants.

Chicago Kalbi

Delicious Japanese-style BBQ within walking distance of our theater. But beware that there’s table-top grilling which means the restaurant will linger on your clothes into the evening.

Wabi Sabi

Craving for sushi? Hankering for ramen? Wabi Sabi is in an Albany Park strip mall but don’t let that deter you. The APTP staff orders from delivery from here way too often.