Laura Wiley Theater



APTP celebrated our 25th anniversary and our first live performance since February, 2020 with Homecoming, a program of four beloved pieces from 25 years of honoring our immigrant community’s real-life stories. As the world marked two years of living in a pandemic, Homecoming bore loving and joyful witness to the resilience and resistance with which people and their stories survive all kinds of challenges.

We come from:
We come from 25 years of telling our community’s stories. We come from dances in Honduras and dance duets with shopping carts. From riding la bestia across Mexico. From sit ins at the Capitol and standing in line at the public aid office. From demolition and construction and painting and landscaping. From first-of-the-month shopping sprees at Aldi and buying whatever your heart desires. From finding self-love through activism. From the teachers who changed our lives. From raising our voices in protest and raising our voices in song.


Stay tuned…we will broadcast a professional video of Homecoming in late 2022 or early 2023.