Two years ago we brought you I Will Kiss These Walls, a play based on the real-life stories of Chicagoans swept into the foreclosure crisis. This Friday February 20, join APTP as we perform scenes from “Walls” in the liberated home of Maria and Jorge, whose lives we depicted in “Walls” (7 PM at 7245 N. Ridge, Chicago).

I Will Kiss These Walls (2013)

After an acclaimed two-month run, we closed the show, but the struggles we depicted are ongoing. The foreclosure epidemic continues apace in Chicago, ripping families from the communities where they live and work. But the fight to reclaim homes and communities has continued, too, carried on by the same characters we depicted in “I Will Kiss These Walls.”

One such family, Maria Dolores-Calvillo and her son Jorge, are now facing imminent eviction from their liberated home in Rogers Park. As part of APTP’s ongoing commitment to the housing movement and the people whose stories are woven into our work, we will be reviving scenes from “I Will Kiss These Walls” for a special performance in Maria and Jorge’s home at 7245 N Ridge on Friday, February 20 at 7 PM.

Through this performance, we hope to rally support for Maria and Jorge in their crucial fight to remain in the neighborhood where they’ve resided for four decades. If you have been moved by the vision of hope and community that APTP brings you through our work, we hope you will join us on Friday in making this vision real.

With friends from Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, Communities United against Foreclosures and Evictions, Centro Autonomo after a performance of "I Will Kiss These Walls."