Laura Wiley Theater 2002

Number Nine

Number Nine

APTP’s ninth collection of original plays based on real-life stories featured three pieces:

Huy Time. The South Vietnam beach where a family waits in darkness for a boat. The refugee camp where two friends eat sweet mangos with fish sauce. The silence between a father and his son. The words that fly between a husband and wife. The secret longings a brother and sister beam to the angels. The bowl of rice shared by grandparents and their grandson. A dance-music-theater journey into Huy Time.

Melissa Belle Crawford. A drama about four parents, mental illness, gardening, and what it takes to grow a family.

 Honey. A boy breathes beauty and divinity into the houseguest who becomes an unexpected friend during a difficult summer. A magical fable filled with theatrical surprises, including a puppet birthed from trash and an original urban folk score.