Delivered to you by the US Postal Service Spring 2022

Yours Truly

created by Albany Park Theater Project with Third Rail Projects
Yours Truly

Immersive theater in an envelope, delivered to your door by the USPS. As an audience member for this innovative new performance experience, you’ll receive four pen pal letters from Tala, a high-school junior who loves writing, music, doodling and her Filipina heritage…and who is about to discover a family secret. 

Yours Truly will immerse you in the journey of an Albany Park teen navigating family relationships, cultural identity, adolescence – and a pandemic. Each envelope will also include art and music created by APTP teen artists – and special surprises sure to warm your heart.


Created by Albany Park Theater Project with Third Rail Projects

Directed by Devika Ranjan

Designed by Izumi Inaba & Ellie Terrell



So is this a performance or…?
Yes. Like every APTP creation, Yours Truly is inspired by a real-life story and devised by the teen and adult artists of Albany Park Theater Project with our collaborators from Third Rail Projects.

How does it work?
The performance spans a series of 4 letters. Starting at the beginning of March, you’ll receive one letter every 1-2 weeks. If you think you have missed a letter, or you need to change your address, you can email us at

Didn’t you do Yours Truly before? Is this the same?
In Spring 2021, APTP offered an interactive version of Yours Truly. This 2022 version of Yours Truly is a one-directional version that follows the same story as the original. If you participated in Yours Truly last year, this would be the same as your prior experience, except without you responding to letters.

Do I reply to the letters?
No. In Spring 2021, APTP did offer an interactive version of Yours Truly. This 2022 version of Yours Truly is a one directional experience.

Is the experience different depending on the ticket type I book?
You will have the same experience whatever ticket level you choose. We’re offering a range of ticket prices (including free) so that anyone can participate regardless of what they can afford.

What happens if my letter gets lost in the mail?
If you think you have missed receiving one of your letters, email and we’ll send you another ASAP. If you need to speak with someone by phone, please call 773.866.0875 and leave a message. As we continue to mostly work remotely, email is the fastest way to reach us.

Who is Yours Truly suitable for?
Adults of any age and students in middle school or high school.

How will the letters be delivered?
All letters will be delivered to you by the United States Postal Service.

Special Thanks!
Thank you to our friends at Artistic Stamp who have been a north star in the burgeoning interactive play-by-mail genre this past year and who generously offered expertise and inspiration that shaped the development of Yours Truly. We encourage you to explore their offerings!