Spring 2021

Yours Truly

created by Albany Park Theater Project with Third Rail Projects
Yours Truly

Albany Park Theater Project’s first play-by-mail experience, Yours Truly had a premiere run as an interactive experience for 160 audience members in Spring 2021. Stay tuned for a non-interactive version coming in Fall 2021. 

About the interactive Yours Truly experience:

Starr High School’s beloved English teacher, Ms. Torres, is launching a pen pal program to spark new connections for her stuck-at-home students – and she’s calling on you to participate! Sign up and you’ll exchange 5 handwritten letters through the USPS with one of Ms. Torres’ AP English Lit students. Through your correspondence with your new pen pal, you’ll find yourself immersed in the journey of a teen growing up in an immigrant family during this most unusual time.

Yours Truly has concluded its premier run. Stay tuned for a non-interactive version coming in Fall 2021.

Created by Albany Park Theater Project with Third Rail Projects

Directed by Devika Ranjan

Designed by Izumi Inaba & Ellie Terrell



So is this a performance or…?
Yours Truly is a new kind of immersive theater experience devised by the teen and adult artists of Albany Park Theater Project with our collaborators from Third Rail Projects.

How does it work?
Your personalized 5-letter experience will play out over the course of 3 months. Starting at the end of March, you’ll receive a letter in the mail every 2-3 weeks. After you receive your letter, you will have up to a week to respond using the included pre-stamped envelope. We will email you a notification when every letter is mailed out and when every reply is received. Your journey will come to a conclusion in June with the end of the school year and the arrival of your fifth letter. Make sure your email is set up to receive messages from yourstruly@aptpchicago.org.

How long will it take me to write my replies?
That’s up to you! Each letter you receive will come with a pre-stamped and pre-addressed envelope that you can use to reply. Ms. Torres asks that you reply within one week of receiving your letter – and, as any of her Starr High students will tell you, you do not want to cross Ms. Torres!

What if multiple people in my household want to participate?
Ms. Torres only has so many students, so we recommend that multiple people in the same household book a single ticket and share the Yours Truly experience together. If multiple people in your household book separate experiences, we encourage you to wait to compare notes until after the journey ends to avoid spoiling the adventure for each other.

Is the experience different depending on the ticket type I book?
You will have the same experience whatever ticket level you choose. We’re offering a range of ticket prices (including free) so that anyone can participate regardless of what they can afford.

What if I want to have the experience without the interactive element?
At this time we are only offering Yours Truly as an interactive experience. If you’d prefer to receive letters without having to respond, please add yourself to this mailing list and we’ll contact you if that option becomes available.

What if circumstances keep me from responding to a letter?
We understand that the unexpected happens (we’ve all experienced the last year!). While you’ll have a more personalized experience if you reply to your pen pal’s letters, they will continue sending you letters if you do find yourself unable to respond.

What happens if my letter gets lost in the mail?
If you have a missing or late reply, email us at yourstruly@aptpchicago.org and we’ll send you another ASAP. If you need to speak with someone by phone, please call 773.866.0875 and leave a message. As we are all working remotely, email is the fastest way to reach us.

Who is Yours Truly suitable for?
Adults of any age and high school-aged teens.

How will the letters be delivered?
All letters will be delivered to you by the United States Postal Service.

Special Thanks!
Thank you to our friends at Artistic Stamp who have been a north star in the burgeoning interactive play-by-mail genre this past year and who generously offered expertise and inspiration that shaped the development of Yours Truly. We encourage you to explore their offerings!