• Home/Land: The Journey Continues

    “I was born in Mexico and brought to the U.S. at the age of 3. It’s hard to be undocumented because I can’t do all the things I want, but doing this play inspired me to keep on trying.” (Maria, Elsie Allen High School Student)

    “I’ve been the theater director here at Elsie Allen High School for all of its 20 years. Never has a play meant so much to our school and community. Thank you for creating this amazing piece of theater and for allowing us to share in your voice.” (Rob Burt)

  • Unfinished Work: A Tribute to Dwight Conquergood

    Unfinished Work: A Tribute to Dwight Conquergood

    Dwight Conquergood was a pathbreaking performance studies scholar and activist who became a dear friend to Albany Park Theater Project and  many  ensemble members. On the 10th anniversary of Professor Conquergood’s death, David Feiner, APTP’s producing artistic director, had the privilege to speak at “Cultural Struggles: A Symposium Honoring the Scholarship and Activism of Dwight Conquergood.” The Symposium took place at Northwestern University, where Professor Conquergood was on faculty for much of his career. David’s presentation shares some of the profound impact that Dwight had on APTP – and also details the making of APTP’s acclaimed production, Home/Land.

  • “Rehearsing for Life: Albany Park Theater Project Is Back at The Goodman”

    A man stands alone at the end of a long runway, unable to move. On the other side are his three children and, in the middle, perch two threatening immigration officers. Each kid primally clamors to reach their father, ducking under the arms of officials, attempting to psych them out with strategy and unabashed love and determination. In this optimistic short story, they succeed, and the final searing image is a parent and child’s tightly clasped hands.